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Discover the subtropical biome of Guará and the Nordic wheatear of Ukko: try to swap between the climates to overcome the challenges

Don’t worry about enemies, the game features mechanics focused in the magical connection and the cooperation between the main characters

Free from violence and any other negative things: experience the innocence and the spirit of friendship

Enjoy different levels, challenges, puzzles and game mechanics while learning more about the connection between the characters. Be the guide of this journey!

United by a fallen star, a reindeer and a manned-wolf should cooperate using their own differences of environment and weather to help them solve a sequence of puzzles in a smooth and peaceful adventure to restore the magic of the star.

Are you looking for a puzzle game to experience a peaceful and contemplative vibe to play? You have just found it.

Explore the levels, figure out how the different interactive objects work, pass the star to Ukko, and back to Guará. Use their differences on weather and environment to solve the puzzles.

what people are saying

"A fun character-swapping puzzle game where the environment itself changes based on which cute character you are currently playing."

by Ceegan

"Many different mechanics make the puzzle so enjoyable. The art is so fun and beautiful. Funny puzzles. I recomend for puzzle lovers!"

by ZiliWolf

"Incredible game, very well developed puzzles, marvelous soundtrack and adictive gameplay!!!"

by Baillo